45+ Essay Topics You Would Love To Start | 2021 Guide

March 10, 2021

Let’s face it, writing an essay can be boring and tedious in terms of crafting a high-quality essay and finally proofreading and editing it. One of the toughest steps in essay writing has been overlooked and that is choosing an interesting and appropriate topic. Although an essay writer may complain and grumble about the assigned essay topics, choosing your own winning and the interesting essay topic is even harder and frustrating sometimes.

Why? Because you have to select a topic from a large number of possible topics. Even when you manage to choose one, there is a great possibility that you can select wrong essay topics that are not easy to write.

Knowing how to select an interesting topic is crucial for all essay writing. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose a topic.

  • Before selecting a topic to decide on which type of write my paper you are going to write about.
  • Brainstorming: Choose something you are interested in. If you love the topic, then it's going to make your essay research much enjoyable. Why do you find this essay topic interesting?
  • Be Realistic: Analyze the selected topic. Don’t choose an essay topic that is too specific as it will be hard to find any information.
  • Make sure you can access all the information on the topic. Find sources and if there are little or no sources, then the best way is to select another topic.

If you still can’t come up with an idea, then here is a list of 45+ interesting essay topics that you would love to start with.


  1. How has COVID 19 changed the lives of a student?
  2. What is the best way to protect yourself from COVID 19 infection?
  3. How can parents help their children learn at home during COVID 19?
  4. Effect of COVID 19 on adolescent’s mental health
  5. The world after COVID 19
  6. How important is it to wear a facemask during COVID 19 outbreak?
  7. The global economic impact of COVID 19
  8. Learning at home during COVID 19 lockdown: My teachers and My parents
  9. Not everything we fi­nd online is true
  10. The current COVID 19 crisis is showing the worst and best of humanity
  11. The COVID 19 lockdown has affected women and men equally
  12. Your personal achievement during the COVID 19 outbreak
  13. Mental health during COVID 19 outbreak
  14. Life lessons you have learned during the COVID 19 pandemic
  15. Challenges you have faced during the COVID 19 pandemic

Persuasive Essay topics

  1. What is the effect of smoking on the brain?
  2. Are fighting video games bad for children?
  3. How does the internet affect children's intelligence?
  4. Does social media violate the privacy of famous people?
  5. Should everyone engage in paper writing service and volunteering?
  6. Energy Drink should be banned in colleges and schools
  7. Abortion should be banned worldwide
  8. Cell Phones should be allowed in schools
  9. How is social media changing relationships?
  10. Should all women have access to family planning and birth control?

Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Your favorite memory of childhood
  2. How you met your best friend
  3. Your five biggest fear
  4. The first book you read
  5. Your family traditions
  6. Worst memory you have
  7. Things you love about college
  8. A person who inspires you
  9. Your life biggest regret
  10. Your family traditions

Informative Essay Topics

  1. The civil right movement
  2. The significance of civil war in American history
  3. The causes and consequences of stress
  4. Child Obesity
  5. Consequences of World War I
  6. Causes of global warming
  7. Gambling and its outcomes
  8. Treatment of cancer
  9. Medicinal uses of honey
  10. The global financial crisis of 2019

Compare and Contrast essay topics

  1. Communism vs Capitalism
  2. Working in an office vs Freelancing
  3. What is better: Book or movie
  4. Traditional shopping vs online shopping
  5. Game of Thrones vs. Lord of the Rings
  6. Comedies vs Horror movies
  7. Scientific Writing vs. Academic Writing
  8. Choosing between Forbes and the New York Times
  9. Marriage and Divorce

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